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Group therapy is an effective treatment option on its own, or to augment individual counseling, helping clients achieve goals faster and retain skills better. Thanks to technology, people from different places can come together in groups, connecting during a time when they otherwise would feel isolated in their struggles. We also offer in-person group sessions.

Group counseling can serve as support and psychoeducation for those struggling with grief, loss, divorce, social skills including healthy boundary setting, body image, self-esteem, racism and societal concerns as well as other life transitions. As so many people are facing devastating losses due to the pandemic, we are currently serving our community with several grief support groups.

Groups are run weekly, one in person and one offered online with same content provided in person.

Group will begin with check of each member, sharing is optional but encourage for overall improvement and enhanced quality of mental health.

Group will begin at 5:00pm and end at 6:30pm

Fee per group: $25.00

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